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1200 Hardee Rd, Coral Gables, FL 33146

A modernist single family home that seamlessly blends the rich history of Coral Gables with contemporary design elements.

Lighting Design / Noor Lightwala


Noor's Comments: 

Given the modernist design and tropical setting of Coral Gables, the client requested a lighting plan that simulated the day time, even deep into the night.


We decided to maintain a functional lighting plan that did not impede the user's natural flow.


Using recessed lighting with a daylight tone for the majority of the home allowed the homeowner to have day time, anytime. For gathering spaces, we custom fabricated chandeliers large enough to be the focal point of the room. The products used were translucent or hidden to main an emphasis on the architectural elements.

Recessed ceiling lights were installed in the home to create a feeling of daylight during any hour of the day.

A large custom crafted Luce Chandelier elegantly hovers above the living room, acting as the room's stunning focal point.

In the dining room, the Royal Mesh Chandelier hangs over the table, casting a beautiful glow over the room. The mesh design creates a sense of intimacy and elegance.

The Cells Pendant Light acts as a functional night light while also imbuing the master bedroom with elegance.

Products Used In This Project:

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