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Who We Are

"Unsatisfied with local offerings, our founder began crafting bespoke fixtures, merging art with architecture. This passion birthed Residence Supply, illuminating homes and businesses with unique, handcrafted designs."

What We Do

Our mission at Residence Supply is to enhance your space through our one-of-a-kind lighting fixtures. We uphold the highest quality standards and prioritize instant customer service. Thousands of lighting professionals partner with us for a reason.


Whether you are an interior designer or property owner, our staff helps you design the perfect ambiance. Give us a call! We're here for you.

Our Origin Story

Founded in Coral Gables, our family-run lighting atelier passionately crafted bespoke lighting fixtures for luxury residences in the area. Our commitment to distinct materials, meticulous bodywork, and profound lighting expertise positioned us at the forefront of local lighting design being featured in multiple publications alongside exclusive real estate listings.


Today, we energetically serve thousands of homeowners and interior design firms worldwide, evolving from a local luminary to achieving international renown. Through a vast network of designers and our online store, we bring our creations straight to you!

"Behind the allure of every fixture lies the soul of a humble lighting atelier. A place where the light was not just serviced but celebrated, and where aluminum and steel was not just bent but transformed into art."

Our Vision

At the heart of our design studio, we craft designs that merge innovation with artistry. Our vision for Residence Supply is not just global reach, but to transform everyday spaces into captivating experiences, enabling everyday people to immerse in moments that linger.


How We Craft Perfection

In the heart of our workshop, the journey unfolds for each lighting fixture.

Alda Pendant Installed in Coral Gables Residence

Take our Alda Pendant Light, for instance: our artisans begin by texturing the glass, a meticulous process that breathes life into its form. Brass is then shaped and polished, forging hardware that stands as a testament to timeless elegance. Every frame is assembled with precision, and the final touch, linear lighting, is seamlessly integrated. What results is not merely a lighting fixture, but a symphony of craftsmanshipโ€”a true masterpiece of art.

Intricate textured glasswork of Alda Pendant Light


Grateful for your unwavering trust.

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