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2930 Brickell Ave

Exclusive tropical modern masterpiece next to Vizcaya Gardens

Project Overview

Set on the seaside of Brickell, the client requested we enhance the architectural elegance of their urban oasis. The design focused on accentuating the sleek lines and expansive spaces of the home, drawing inspiration from Brickell's dynamic skyline. The integration of subtle, yet impactful lighting transformed the residence into a hub for intimate social gatherings, seamlessly blending the indoor elegance with the outdoor allure of Miami's cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Brickell, Miami

Noor Lightwala

Architectural Style:


Lighting Used:

Chandeliers, Pendants, Recessed Lighting



It was very important to keep the exterior of the home minimalistic with nothing distracting from the important architectural elements of 2930 Brickell Ave. Gabriel Lopez, the architect, had designed the front facade to create an overhang that peered out into the Atlantic Ocean. To complement this, we used recessed downlights which gave substantial lighting but achieve a very low profile.

Living Spaces

In the design of 2930 Brickell Ave, the entrance, living room, and kitchen areas were envisioned as spaces where elegance meets functionality, and this is reflected in our choice of lighting. The use of recessed downlights ensures a blend of warmth and modernity, illuminating the space evenly and drawing attention to the fine details and luxurious furnishings. To enhance the sharp architectural lines, we added Briar wall sconces above the sitting area. These lighting choices across these key areas not only enhance the visual appeal but also maintain the architectural integrity and minimalist ethos of the property

2nd Story

For the staircase, we installed the Sheets Chandelier, chosen for its elegant and cascading design, which mirrors the fluidity and grace of the stairway. These chandeliers not only serve as a stunning visual centerpiece but also cast a soft, ambient light that enhances the staircase's architectural beauty. In the master closet, we opted for an Ovale pendant light, a choice that adds a touch of sophistication and modern luxury. Its unique shape and diffused light perfectly co

Products Used In This Project: