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Darba Pendant Light

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Prix d'origine $999.95 - Prix d'origine $999.95
Prix d'origine $999.95
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Product Specifications

Dimmable: No
Chain/Cord Length:

Adjustable Cord:
Canopy/Backplate Dimensions:
Sloped Ceiling Compatible?: Yes
Installation: Hardwired
Voltage: 90-260VAC
Certifications: UL, CCC, CE, CQC, EMC, FCC, GS, LVD, PSE, ROHS, SAA, and VDE

  • Rattan

Light Source: LED Light Bulb (replaceable)
Bulb Included: No
Number of Bulbs: 1
Bulb Base: E27
Product Dimensions:

  • 15.7" / 40cm
  • 23.6" / 60cm
  • 31.5" / 80cm


Installation Instructions


Dimming: Fixtures with light bulb sockets are dimmable. Integrated LED lights are non-dimmable. For custom dimming projects - just ask us! - Contact Us

Hanging height: Standard hanging length is 60" (1.5m). Need a custom fit? Just ask, we're here to help! Contact Us

Sloped Ceilings: All wire-hung fixtures adjust to sloped or uneven ceilings with ease.

Dimensions: Need specific dimensions not listed on the product page? Contact Us


Step 1: Turn Off Power
Locate the circuit breaker or fuse box that controls the power to the installation area. Switch off the power supply to avoid any electrical hazards during the installation process.

Step 2: Mark the Mounting Holes
Hold the included mounting bracket against the wall at the desired installation height. Use a pencil to mark the positions of the screw holes on the wall. Ensure that the bracket is level.

Step 3: Drill Holes and Insert Anchors
Using a drill, create holes in the marked positions on the wall. Insert included anchors into the drilled holes to provide secure attachment points for the screws.

Step 4: Mount the Bracket
Align the holes in the mounting bracket with the anchors on the wall. Insert screws through the bracket holes and into the anchors. Tighten the screws using a screwdriver to securely fasten the bracket to the wall.

Step 5: Connect the Wiring
Carefully remove the cover of the LED lamp to access the wiring compartment. Identify the black (live/hot), white (neutral), and green or bare copper (ground) wires and connect them to your existing circuit.

Shipping Time & Returns

We ship worldwide to 120+ countries. If you're on our website, we ship to your country.

Free Shipping: Anticipate approximately 15-20 business days from the order date to delivery at your doorstep.

Priority Processing + Free Priority Shipping: We will accelerate the manufacturing process of your light fixture. Your order will skip the line. Anticipate approximately 10-20 business days from the order date to delivery at your doorstep.

Return Policy:
If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product within 14 days of receipt. A restocking fee of up to 50% will be charged for any merchandise returned or exchanged not due to manufacturer defects or damage. To request a refund, email Read more here: Return Policy

Make It Your Own (Customize)

Our in-house technicians can customize any order!

Popular Changes:

  • Hanging length
  • Material color or paint
  • Emitting color
  • Dimmable add-on
  • Add or reduce size/dimension
  • Redesign the entire lighting fixture to your suggestion

What We Do:

  • Make minor adjustments above
  • Create CAD drawings for your custom design
  • 3D render the product into your photo

Speak with an expert on live chat or call us now from 9AM EST to 6PM EST.

Alternatively, leave us an email.

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When will my order be shipped?

The shipping time for the Darba Pendant Light is between 10-15 days for smaller sizes and 15-20 days for larger sizes. Customizations may increase shipping times.

How is the pendant light handcrafted?

The Darba Pendant Light is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans using traditional rattan weaving techniques. Each piece is a unique work of art that showcases the rich cultural heritage of Southeast Asia, bringing a natural, cozy feel to your space. The intricate design and use of natural materials ensure that every pendant light is not only beautiful but also durable and authentic.

Is the light suitable for outdoor use?

The Darba Pendant Light, with its meticulously handmade rattan-woven design and natural materials, is primarily intended for indoor use. Its construction showcases traditional craftsmanship that pays homage to Southeast Asian cultural heritage, making it an excellent choice for enhancing indoor environments like living rooms, restaurants, and tea rooms with its warm, ambient lighting. While the pendant light brings an organic and earthy element to any decor, promoting a connection with nature, it does not feature specific weatherproofing or outdoor durability characteristics that are typically necessary for outdoor lighting solutions. Therefore, it is advisable to use the Darba Pendant Light in protected indoor settings to maintain its integrity and aesthetic appeal.

What type of bulbs does it use?

The Darba Pendant Light uses standard E26/E27 bulbs, which are commonly available and compatible with a wide range of lighting options, including LED, incandescent, and CFL bulbs. This ensures flexibility in choosing the type of lighting that best suits your needs and preferences.

Is it compatible with dimmer switches?

Yes, the Darba Pendant Light is compatible with dimmer switches.

Is installation included with the purchase?

Thank you for your interest in the Darba Pendant Light! While installation is not included with the purchase, the process is straightforward and hassle-free. If you need assistance, we recommend consulting a professional installer to ensure everything is set up safely and correctly. Enjoy the warm, cozy ambiance this beautiful handmade rattan piece will bring to your space!

What materials are used in the construction?

The Darba Pendant Light is meticulously crafted from natural rattan, a material known for its durability and organic appeal. This rattan-woven design not only showcases traditional Southeast Asian craftsmanship but also brings a warm, earthy element to any space, making it a perfect blend of aesthetic beauty and functional lighting.

Can I adjust the hanging height?

Absolutely! The Darba Pendant Light features a suspended design that allows for flexible placement, making it easy to adjust the hanging height to suit your specific needs. This versatility ensures that whether you're illuminating a cozy corner of your living room or creating an inviting atmosphere in a restaurant or tea room, the Darba Pendant Light can be tailored to fit perfectly into your space.

How do I clean and maintain it?

To clean and maintain the Darba Pendant Light, gently dust the rattan surface with a soft cloth or duster regularly. For deeper cleaning, use a damp cloth with mild soap, ensuring not to soak the rattan. Avoid harsh chemicals and excessive moisture to preserve its natural finish and durability.

Does it come with a warranty?

Yes, the Darba Pendant Light comes with a standard 30-day warranty for manufacturer defects, with options for extended warranties covering 12, 36, or 60 months.


Illuminate Your Space And Make A Statement In Your Surroundings

Darba Pendant Light is a beautifully handmade rattan-woven masterpiece that adds a touch of timeless charm to your living room, restaurant, or tea room. Crafted by skilled artisans, its intricate design reflects Southeast Asian heritage, bringing a natural, cozy feel to any space. The suspended lamp emits a warm glow, creating a relaxed ambiance. Versatile and stylish, it's a perfect choice for those seeking a blend of tradition and modern elegance in their decor.


  • Meticulously handmade by skilled artisans, each pendant light is a unique piece of artistry, showcasing traditional craftsmanship.
  • The rattan-woven design pays homage to the rich cultural heritage of Southeast Asia, adding an authentic touch to your space.
  • The suspended design allows for flexible placement, making it suitable for a variety of spaces such as living rooms, restaurants, and tea rooms.
  • Crafted from natural rattan, the pendant light brings an organic and earthy element into your decor, promoting a connection with nature.
  • Simple and hassle-free installation process, ensuring that you can enjoy the beauty of the pendant light in no time.


        • 15.7" / 40cm
        • 23.6" / 60cm
        • 31.5" / 80cm
        Combining functionality with aesthetics, it serves as both a practical lighting solution and a decorative statement piece.
        Built to last, the pendant light is constructed with durability in mind, ensuring longevity and resilience.


        Having designed over 50+ homes in the LA area, I've never felt support from local lighting vendors. I met steven over a skype consultation and my workflow has never been easier. Now, I work very closely with their team, within the week they always have the perfect selection for me to present my client and I save SO much time. Over 10 projects done together and many more to come.

        Melissa, Interior Designer

        After purchasing our new home, I stumbled upon Residence Supply on Facebook and was immediately captivated by a particular chandelier. That very piece is now installed and has been in countless family photos! I've gotten tons of compliments from family and friends and it sure is a unique piece.

        Mia, Homeowner