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Get 30% off your 2nd item | Use Code 'BOGO30'

Free shipping on all orders

Get 30% off your 2nd item | Use Code 'BOGO30'

Free shipping on all orders

Get 30% off your 2nd item | Use Code 'BOGO30'

Free shipping on all orders

Get 30% off your 2nd item | Use Code 'BOGO30'

Free shipping on all orders

Get 30% off your 2nd item | Use Code 'BOGO30'

Free shipping on all orders

Get 30% off your 2nd item | Use Code 'BOGO30'


Revitalize your kitchen, bathroom, and storage spaces with our stunning cabinet handles. Designed to enhance both beauty and functionality, our handles offer a simple yet impactful way to refresh your home’s decor this season.

  • Pull Bar

    Prix d'origine $45.95 - Prix d'origine $91.95
    Prix d'origine
    $45.95 - $91.95
    $45.95 - $91.95
    Prix actuel $45.95

    PULL BAR Leave an impression with heavyweight, pure bronze pull bars for your cabinets and doors. Handcrafted and knurled for the ultimate sensory...

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    Prix d'origine $45.95 - Prix d'origine $91.95
    Prix d'origine
    $45.95 - $91.95
    $45.95 - $91.95
    Prix actuel $45.95

Door Handles Made Easy: Browse by Function & Finish

Whether renovating your cabinetry or beginning from scratch, the right handles can improve your space's appearance and utility. Together, we'll explore the captivating world of handles and give you the thoughts to choose wisely on your next venture.

A Breakdown of Handle Types

Residence Supply has numerous handle choices, all expertly made to fulfill specific needs and enhance your design concept. Let's discover the handle types, advantages, and best uses:

1. Pull Bars

Imagine beautiful, smooth handles flowing from your doors, cabinets, or drawers. Pull bars are easy to use for many things because they provide a nice feeling. Beyond being valuable, they are incredibly flexible; they come in a confounding grouping of lengths, designs, and materials that impeccably coordinate any stylistic layout.

  • Size: Pull bars alter the measure of your cabinets and drawers, extending from brief and subtle to long and striking. Longer pull bars are perfect for bigger cabinets since they offer plenty of grip zones, whereas shorter bars work well with smaller drawers or cabinets with compelled space.
  • Styles: Consider curved or arched shapes for a whimsical touch. Pull bars with integrated knobs at the ends offer a distinctive touch, and bars with flutes or textures provide a tactile and visual dimension.
  • Materials: Your chosen material greatly affects how your pull bars look and feel. Brushed nickel is slightly warm, while polished chrome or stainless steel gives off a feeling of style and class.

2. Double-Sided Pulls

Just imagine how easy it would be to open pantry cabinets or French doors from both sides. The smart relatives of pull bars are double-sided pulls. They have a surface that you can pull on from both sides.

Since you do not need to reach around for a handle, they are the prefect choice for places you want to get in from both sides.

3. Drawer Pulls

Drawer pulls are smaller and more compact than pull bars since they are made to open drawers. They fit superbly within the drawer since they are small and do not look too big.

But do not underestimate their impact. Drawer pulls can make even a simple drawer look special because they come in different sizes, styles, and finishes.

  • Shape: Drawer handles come in several shapes, like knobs, bars or rings.
  • Size: Drawer pulls should be the proper size for your drawers. A bigger handle makes it less demanding to hold onto bigger drawers.

4. Knobs

The classic knob is a square or round handle that you use to open drawers or cabinet doors. Their ability to adjust and change is why people continue to like them.

Knobs can make fancy cabinets look classic or add a touch of elegance to simple interiors. Knobs give you lots of ways to change how they look and what they're made of.

The material of your handles and pull bars influences how your design looks and feels. Consider utilizing smooth metal handles in silver or sparkly metal for a modern look. Think about using ceramic or porcelain handles for a vintage look. Glass handles include a touch of class, whereas wooden handles make a warm and natural feeling.

Selecting the Appropriate Handle Material

The material you choose for handles significantly impacts your room's functions and looks. Here's a closer look at a few common handle materials, highlighting their special qualities and recommended uses:

1. Metal

Metal handles are the toughest material available. Their capacity to persevere a long time of utilization and mishandling makes them a fabulous choice for high-traffic areas such as washrooms and kitchens. Unmatched in its flexibility, metal comes in a variety of finishes to go with any sort of design:

  • Chrome: Its glossy, reflective finish emanates a modern look. It highlights clean lines and a moderate design and looks extraordinary with modern kitchens and washrooms.
  • Nickel: Nickel's warm, satin-like surface gives a modern touch to different design ideas. It is way better at stowing away fingerprints than chrome, and brushed nickel could be a sensible choice for busy homes. Glossy silk nickel includes a timeless class of cabinetry, coordinating conventional and advanced styles.
  • Brass: Including brass in your stylistic layout includes a hint of coziness and old-world charm. With time, the finish takes on a stunning patina that gives it a particular personality. While brushed brass features a more understated class, cleaned brass includes a more colorful appearance. For conventional or transitional kitchens and showers, brass handles are perfect.
  • Bronze: Bronze offers rural appeal and a sense of refinement. Oil-rubbed bronze has a matured, more profound tone that goes well with classic or farmhouse-style stylistic layouts. Cleaned bronze is perfect for transitional settings since it incorporates a warmer, more exuberant appearance.

2. Wood

Your cabinets will look more natural and warm with wood handles. They are associated with nature and are ideal for conventional, natural, or farmhouse-inspired homes. There are numerous species of wood utilized for handles, and each encompasses an interesting appearance and surface:

  • Light Woods: Light-colored wood handles, such as those made of oak or maple, allow your room a feeling of openness and brightness. They go well with light- or neutral-colored painted cabinetry.
  • Dark Woods: darker wood handles like walnut or cherry emphasize lavishness and refinement. They differentiate strongly with lighter cabinets or go wonderfully with darker cabinetry.
  • Distressed Wood: Weathered, distressed wood handles allow your room a hint of rural character. They are perfect for washrooms and kitchens with a farmhouse feel.

Wood handles are lovely but must be cleaned and maintained routinely. Employ gentle, dry cloth, and clean them frequently. Grating cleansers and cruel chemicals ought to be maintained at a strategic distance as they can hurt the finish. Apply a wood conditioner frequently to keep the wood from drying out and to protect its common luster.


By carefully weighing these variables, you can choose the ideal handle size and style to improve your space's functionality and appearance for many years. Never forget that Residence Supply is available to assist you at every stage of the decision-making process. Explore our vast handle collection and find the
ideal match for your ideal house by visiting our website or speaking with our
friendly team.


Q. Which door handle style is in trend right now?

Trends in door hardware favor warm finishes like brushed gold, satin brass, and wood, which give a home a cozy feel.

Q. Which doorknobs are fashionable?

An interesting trend in contemporary home design is the growing preference for doorknobs with a bronze finish.

Q. Which kind of handle is best for a front door?

The most popular door handle for front doors is a lever handle because it provides a good blend of security, usability, and style that complements most types of homes.